Before you start, please have the following equipment with you:

  • An iPad (it can be Air, Pro etc). Here, it is an iPad Pro.

  • A Brother QL-820-NWB printer.

Initially, we will focus on the iPad. 😎

Take your iPad, and turn it on. It's a good idea to leave it plugged in all the time. Then turn it on with the power button in the upper right corner. Sometimes the button may be located on the left side of the device.

If this is the first time you are using the iPad, you must follow the configuration instructions written by Apple. 🍏

Once your iPad is ready to use, make sure it is connected to the Internet and that Bluetooth is enabled.

Afterwards, go to the Apple Store :

Write Comeen in the search bar :

Download the Comeen - Visitors Management application.

Click on the application to open it.

He asked you to enter your pairing code 🧐. This pairing code can be found in your administration back office. Go to the buildings section, then to the kiosk you want to pair. Do not hesitate to consult our article on the configuration of your back-office.

Your iPad is configured to receive your visitors! 🤩

Have you opted for badge printing? A few steps remain before finalizing your installation. 📠

If you don't want to print badges, the installation is finished for you.

You can always choose to set up a printer later 😉.

Before proceeding with the installation of your printer, make sure that the bluetooth on your iPad is activated. Settings -> Bluetooth -> Enable Bluetooth

Second time of your installation: the printer!

Please have your Brother printer with the following part number: QL-820-NWB. Again, it is important to be near a power outlet to turn on the printer. 🔌

Remove the printer and its various components from the carton. Remove all packaging. You should get the following items :

  • the Brother printer

  • Its power cable

  • Its battery

  • A printer cable

  • 2 printing rollers DK

Here the printer cable (grey cable) is not necessary for us.

You can now connect the power cable to the printer. The connection is made as follows:

You must then connect the printer's power source to a power outlet.

Open the printer case to insert your paper roll as follows:

Once the paper has been inserted, close the case and turn on your printer using the ⌽ button.

The printer is turned on. Follow the instructions to set the language, date, and time. You can use the buttons ▼, ▲, 🆗.

You should get to the next screen:

Don't panic! It's normal, we have to take care of a few details in order to make the printer work 😎.

First, click on MENU and go to the Template Settings section using the ▼,▲ keys. Then click on Template Mode: ✓ is set to enabled, set it to disabled.

Second and last step in setting up your printer: go back to MENU and access the Bluetooth section using the keys ▼,▲. The ✓ is set to disabled, set it to enabled.

Take your iPad, Settings -> Bluetooth -> the printer should appear in the devices in the following format "QL-820NWB...".

There you go! Your iPad is set up and ready to use. 🚀

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the chat button on the bottom right! We will be happy to answer you 🤗

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