You'll need to have Google Admin rights on your Google Workspace account to perform this configuration.

Setting-up a service account is a secure and sustainable way for synchronizing ressources between Commen and Google Workspace, such as:

  • Users,

  • User Groups,

  • Buildings,

  • Meeting Rooms,

  • Meetin Room Events.

To create a service account you'll need to go to GCP Console.

Once connected, you have to create a new project:

Then you need to go to the APIs Library:

Once there, look for "Admin SDK":

Activate Admin SDK:

Now search for "Calendar API":

And activate it:

Then, you need to create a Service Account, open:

Click on "Create a service account":

Choose an explicite name such as "Comeen":

Click on "Continue" whithout changing anyrhing:

Click on "Done":

Once the Service Account is created, click on "Manage keys":

Click on "Create a new key":

Choose JSON and click on "Create":

Your private key is downloadded automatically:

Now, you need to connect to Google Admin console and click on "Security" >"Access and data control" > "API Controls":

Then, click on "Manage Domain Wide Delegation":

Click on "Add new":

Paste your service account's Client ID, you can find it here:

In the "OAuth scopes" field paste:,,,,,

And then click on Authorize:

Go to your Comeen account, and browse the "Settings" tab and click on "Integrations". In the Google Workspace section you find:

Click on "Import your Google service account credentials file" on select the previously downloaded key:

Finally, enter the service account's email, you can find it here:

Click on "Save", if you refersh the page you'll see:

You're all set!

You can now synchronize ressources from Comeen Dashboard:

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