Implementing deskbooing is easy and quick!

We put together this quick 5-step guide to help you get started with configuring hot desk booking.

Step 1: Installation

To start using Comeen desk booking, you will first need to install the application on your Google Wokspace.

Step 2: Create a building

Create your different buildings which will be managed in flex office. You will be able to analyze the use of your buildings based on the presence of your teams.

Step 3: Create a floors and areas

Separate your building into different floors and areas to better distribute your employees, and keep control of the distribution of the teams in the building.

Step 4: Create or import desks

Import the list of desks to be managed in Comeen.

Step 5: Place your areas and deks on a map

All you have to do is place your areas and desks on the different buildings and floors.

You have just finished the implementation of hot desk booking . You can test the feature now.

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