To install Comeen, one solution is to deploy the solution directly on your entire domain or on an organizational units.

To do this, go to the page:

If the button domain is disabled, it is either that you do not have the installation rights.

Check with your Google administrator to install the application or to give you the possibility to do so.

Click on "Domain install":

Click on "Continue":

For this step you have two choices:

  • Install the application on the domain (The application will be added to all users of the domain).

  • Install the application on organizational units(The application will be added to all users of the OU).

Click on "Next":

and click on "Complete additional setup now":

You are redirected to a Comeen welcome page.

You can leave the information already filled in automatically and click on "Start the preparation of my space":

Click on "Login":


Log in to the space that was just created for you:

You can use the Google SSO directly.

You arrive on your user interface.

Click on "Dashboard":

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