There is three main reasons to deploy a Visitor Management Software:

  • Make the reception more fluid,

  • Give a warm welcome to your visitors,

  • Improve building security.

A Visitor Management Software or VMS is genrally composed by three bricks:

  • a Web application where you set-up the software and where you'll find the visitor logbook,

  • a Kiosk application that let's your visitors register by themselves when they arrive to you office,

  • an application that let's your employee pre-register visitors that need to come to your office.

Among all VMS, Comeen offer a way to manage visitors directly integrated into Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

This means your employees won't need to install or use a specific mobile or Web application to do so. Comeen provide a Google Calendar add-on and Microsoft Outlook add-in, easy to use, and that can be deployed at scale in a minute.

Let's see how to deploy Comeen in your company!

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