No matter if you use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, the meeting room experience is often bad, but why?

Google or Microsoft offer both a great way to book a meeting room from their calendar app: Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

But the booking experience isn't the complete exeperience when we talk about meeting room experience.

We see three pain points in the companies we work with:

  • there is no meeting room available, at all,

  • the room is booked but nobody is there,

  • I'm in a call, the room is free, and I can't book the room easily.

At Comeen, we don't want to change the way collaborators are booking a room, we won't to solve those three pain points.

Why there is no meeting room available?

Easy and short answer: there is not enough meeting room in my company. It can be true, but before thinking about adding meetin rooms, are you sure that your meeting room are fully used? Around 30% of the time is booked with nobody inside.

Their is two main reason for that:

  • too many recurring meeting that include a meetin room,

  • no check-in/reminder system for your rooms.

How to solve ghost meeting issue?

By deploying meeting room management software such as Comeen, you can fight against ghost meeting and imrove your meeting rooms usage.

Comeen synchronize automatically meeting rooms and meeting rooms events from Google Workspace and, pretty soon, from Microsoft 365.

Comeen don't change the way of booking a meeting room.

Once you have synchronised your meting rooms in Comeen, you're able to activate smart features such as:

  • automatic reminder to the host of a meeting that's include a synchro,nized meeting room that let's him confirmed if he still need the room,

  • automatic meeting room release if nobody check-in,

  • a kiosk application that you can deploy on a screen next to the meeting room entrance that: show meeting room status, current and meetings, book the room from the screen.

You'll enjoy using your meeting rooms with Comeen!

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