Implementing office attendance management is easy and quick!

This documentation is separated in two parts, one part on the set-up of the application and another part on the user experience.

Set-up Comeen

We put together this quick 5-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Installation

To start using Comeen today, you will first need to install the application on your Google Wokspace.

Step 2: Create a building

Create your different buildings. You will be able to analyze the use of your buildings based on the presence of your teams.

Step 3: Create a floors and areas

Separate your building into different floors and areas to better distribute your employees, and keep control of the distribution of the teams in the building.

Step 4: Place your areas on a map

All you have to do is place your areas on the different buildings and floors.

Step 5: Add your collaborators

Create, import or synchronise your collaborators.

User experience

You have three choices, you can use our Google add-on, Slack application or both.

Use our Google Workspace add-on

Here is the user experience using the Google Workspace add-on directly from your Gmail and Calendar tools.

Use our Slack application

Here is the user experience using Slack application.

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