Comeen offer an immersive experience directly integrated in Slack.

Once your enterprise have deploy our Slack application, you're able to book a desk withoutu leaving the tools you alreday know.

From our Slack application, book your desk this week by choosing your building, your floor and your work area.

To do this, in your slack application list click on "Add apps":

Search Comeen and click on Comeen app:

You now have Comeen in your list of apps, click on it:

First, you have the part about today, with the possibility to check-in when you arrive at the office:

Another part with your schedule, with the possibility to cancel a day of attendance or add a day of:

To add New presence click on "Come this day" choose if you want to come all day or half day and choose the location.

Your company can define a maximum number of days in the office per week, if this is the case and you exceed this number you will get this message:

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