When creating your users you can choose a role for each of them.

It is important to know that a user can have several roles.

There are 4 roles which are divided into two categories:

Roles that have access to the administration platform

Space Admin

With this role the user has the same rights as you.

He therefore has access to all the tabs of the platform and he can make all the changes he wants.

Dashboard User

The user will have access to the homepage of the administration platform:

It also has access to the list of visitors to your buildings:

The roles for using the add-on and MyComeen

Comeen Today

This role allows your employees to use Comeen Today and Desk with our Google Workspace Add-on and our Slack application.

Comeen Visitors

This role allows your employees to use Comeen Visitor with our Add-on Google Workspace or Microsoft.

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