Before starting, this documentation is for Comeen Admin users.

For some reasons you could want to build a file with all your office attendaces.

One use case is to build a dashboard to see who's coming this week, no matter if it's a teammate of you or not.

To achieve this goal, we'll:

1- Make a copy of our Google Sheet template,

2- Add Google App Script :

We'll build a Google App Script that will be called each time someone Create or Cancel an office attendance.

Go to ready-to-use script. Select all code and copy.

Go back to your GSheets, click on Extensions > Apps Script:

Delete the existing code and paste the new code:

Add the url of your GSheets here:

3- Deploy the Script

Click on Deploy > New deployement

Select Web app type:

Fill in the information and click on Deploy:

Copy Web app url:

4- Paste the deployment link into Comeen.

Go to your Comeen dashboard > Settings and click on Integrations > Webhooks.

Paste the Web app url on:

  • presence_created: A new presence has been added by a user

  • presence_destroyed: A presence has been removed by a user

Click on Save.

You're all set!

Now, you can go further by buidling an office attendance dashboard with Google Data Studio!

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