To improve meeting room exeprience Comeen Rooms comes with a set of features for your collaborators. 🙂

Printing meeting room labels can be a great way of enhancing your meeting room experience without adding any new hardware.

Of course, if you want to add a screen near the entrance of your meeting rooms you can use our meeting room signage feature.

A meeting room label can you look like this:

By scanning the QR Code, you collaborators can:

  • Access meeting room planning,

  • Do their check-in,

  • Book the meeting room on the fly.

To do those actions, they need to have a Comeen account and they have to be authentified.

At Comeen, we like to provide any ressources that help you deploy our platform in no time, at scale.

Follow this documentation to create your labels. 🙂

Export you meeting room list from Comeen dashboard

Go to Comeen dashboard, then click on "Meeting Rooms" and finally click on the "Download CSV" button:

This will generate a CSV file with all your meeting room informations.

Print your labels with a profesionnal printer

Using a profesionnal (thermal) printer is higlhy recommanded.

For now, we recommand those printers:

  • all DYMO LabelWriter product range (aside the DYMO LabelWriter 450 Duo), this one for instance. In this documentation, we've chosen to create meeting room labels with a size of 104 mm * 159 mm. To print labels of this size you'll need a DYMO LabelWriter 4XL or DYMO LabelWriter 5XL.

Since your labels will be placed for a while, it needs to be tear and solvant resistant, so it won't be affected by office life (collaborators, cleaning products).

We don't recommand to use paper based labels!

For now, we recommand those labels:

  • all DYMO LW Durable Industrial Labels for LabelWriter. Is this documentation, we'll use 104 mm * 159 mm labels.

You need to create your design on the Dymo LabelWriter Software. You can download it here. The current version of DYMO Connect software (1.4.2) dosen't support "Import data" feature on MacOS. You can use the Windows version instead.

We provide a ready to use template, you can download it here.

Once you've installed the Dymo LabelWriter Software and the template, open the software.

Then, you need to import the template.

Click on "Open" and then "Browse".
Select the file "Comeen Rooms - Label template.dymo" previously downloaded:

You can now modify the template to suit your needs:

Then, you'll need to import the CSV file that you've exported from Comeen.
Click on "Import data" and then "Browse":

You should have a previwe like this:

Once imported, you'll need to link your data:

  • Desk number,

  • Building name,

  • Floor name,

  • Area name,

  • QR Code URL.

Click on the purple icon on each dynamic field and link the right column data:

Finally, click on Print!

Do several test before printing all your labels. 😉

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