Recommended and blocked locations are a great way to help your colleagues find the best place for them.

You can block or recommend and highlight specific buildings for all users or specific groups. Thus, your users will just have to select the date they want to book

To customize your presence rules, go to your admin dashboard

Click on Settings then select Presences

Click on the button + New

You'll get on that page on which can be decided the rules concerning the maximum number of days at the office and also the recommended and blocked locations

You can recommend or block specific buildings/locations for all the users or for peculiar groups

You are also able to select an end date for your presence rule if you want to apply it on a certain period

Such as the groups, you can select via a drop down menu which building/location you want to recommend or block

When you have selected the maximum days at the office and the recommended and blocked locations for everyone, here is how it will look like:

Then if you do it for a specific group

You will have the same confirmation message but only the group Sales will be concerned by this presence rule

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