This feature allows you to synchronise your Microsoft 365 users groups so if you add or remove a user it will be automatically synchronised.

Warning: For this option you need to have management rights of Microsoft Groups & Users part.

If you do not have access to it, you can create a Comeen account for someone who does.

On your Comeen admin dashboard, go to the Users then Groups tabs:

Click on "Settings":

You are redirected to another configuration page. Click on "Microsoft 365" and "Login".

Tip the box "Consent on behalf of your organization" then click on "Accept":

You just synchronised your Comeen and Microsoft accounts!

Now go to Users > Groups and click on Manage Microsoft 365 Groups

Select the user groups you want to synchronise:

Click on "Confirm":

Your groups have been added and synchronised:

You can now click on a group to add a user role that will be assigned to all users in that group, and click on Edit:

Select the role(s) and save:

Congratulations, you just imported your groups of users and attributed their roles in Comeen.

We hope this was helpful!
Comeen Team

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