Comeen offers you the opportunity to add specific options to employees' reservation.

From the employee application, when choosing their days of presence in the office, people have the possibility to choose additional specifics for their coming.
→ Add a locker or a parking space for example.

Office extras are a great way to simplify and enhance employee experience while keeping the administrative settings clear and relevant.
Here's how it looks like in our Google Add-on and Slack App:

Setting up Office Extras:

Go to your administration dashboard, click on the tab Settings then select Office extras.

Then create and configure your Extra Types by clicking on the button New.

A pop-up appears so you can fill the information for your new extra type:

Here we create the option for people to come to the office with their dog.
To find Emoji icons, you can click on this link:

You can then select the type of enumeration you want for your Extras (according to your own needs, the setup will be slightly different according to your choice)

You have three types of extra enumeration:

Finite identified: The interest of the finite identified enumeration is that each item has a reference associated with it. So if you get parking n°4 you know where you're allowed to park for example.

Finite non identified: You define a number of bookable items without associating them to a reference. The locker isn't nominative so you know you booked one of the available lockers of your office but not a precise one.

Infinite: No booking limit. For example, for the canteen you don't have a defined number of items, you just want to know how many people will eat.

When done creating your extra type, you should see a new type of extra option.

Associating your Office Extra to one or several buildings

To continue, click on Global extras setup next to Extra types.

Click on New

Select the Extra type you want to configure and the building associated with it then click on Save.

Select the building(s) you want to equip the new office extra with, then click on Save.

You just set up a new office extra on one or several buildings.

Make Office Extras available for users

For finite identified enumeration:

Go to Global extras setup and click on the button List on the same line of your new extra.

You can configure the number of items/slots for your office extra.
To do so, click on the button New.

Choose a reference for each item/slot.

Then create as many extras as you need.

For finite non identified enumeration:

Go to Global extras setup and click on the button Edit on the same line of your new extra.

You can set up the maximum number of items/slots for your office extra for one or several buildings.
To do so, enter the number of items then click on Save.

For infinite enumeration:

=> Help coming soon

You're all set for the admin part of the office extras.

We hope this was helpful!
Comeen Team

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