Office Extras are a great way to simplify and enhance your experience as an employee.

Specify what you want for your day at the office

Do you need a locker or a parking slot? Easier when you go to the office, right?
When planning your week at work, you can add the equipment you need to facilitate your day at the office.

Enjoy your venue to the office and be serene to spend the day in your company.

How to find and use the Office Extras :

Go to Slack to use our application Comeen then click on Come this day (present day or next days both work).

Among the criterias of your presence booking, you'll find the Office Extras.
Just select the office extras you need then click on Create my presence.

Here we can select from the extra options and see the remaining one or those that are no more available.

As you can see on the booked office extras above, there are different kinds of extras' types:

- the parking slot is associated with a reference that allows you to clearly identify the extra you booked (in this case you'll park at the right place)

- the locker isn't nominative so you know you booked one of the available lockers of your office but not a precise one

- the canteen attendance corresponds to an infinite option meaning that everyone can book. Since there's no limitation it's more a way for a company to plan food, stuff, etc for employees

You're all set and can now see the office extras you booked for each day.

We hope this was helpful!

Comeen Team

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