Comeen Today is the first brick of Comeen, it is the most used core-feature of our solution.

As for our three other core-features, our office management system benefits from the most advanced integration yet with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 environments.

As a valued partner of Google and Microsoft, we are always one step ahead in offering the best integrated solution. We make sure we already answer users' future needs by creating crucial non-existent functionalities.


Since hybrid work model has been implemented by more and more companies, everyone is trying to find a way to manage office attendance and hot desk booking.

On the employees side, we need a tool to easily plan in-office days according to colleagues, projects and needs. And we have to make sure everyone can get a desk and the options they need.

On the company side, we need a tool to manage employees presences and to monitor building occupancy by guaranteeing that everyone will have a place and the required equipment if they choose to go to the office on a specific day.

Our Answer

Our tool is designed to support both employees and managers which is why we propose an employee app and an administration dashboard both integrated with Google and Microsoft.

We create a seamless experience between people and workplaces. Comeen Today helps companies and their employees move to hybrid work according to their situation and needs.

This is why two versions of Comeen Today exist :

Comeen Today Starter :

Comeen Today Business

  1. Plan in-office days

  2. Manage your teammates

  3. See teammates planning

  4. Define recurring presences

  5. Manage notifications settings

  6. Manage favorite location

  7. Check-in

All Starter plan options +

  1. Book a desk

  2. Define equipment to find the right desk (double screen, next to a window, etc.)

  3. Book a desk next to someone

  4. Visualize where your desk is located on a map

  5. Locate your teammates on a map

  6. Custom presence rules

  7. Book extra options

What Comeen brings on employees side:

  • Find the right days to come to the office
    → simplify presence declaration and improve employee experience

  • See easily who’s coming to the office and when
    → facilitate working collaborations and professional relations

  • Find an available desk and book it with or without equipments (dual screen, next to a window,...)
    → employees are assured to find a seat and the possible equipments they need

  • Select and book extra options such as a parking lot, a locker, etc
    → employees can book options others than desks in order to improve their in-office experience

  • Access to a floorplan locating personnal desk and colleagues
    → clarify and make accessible clue information

  • Set up preferences in terms of locations and recurences
    → preconfiguration of favorite location and recurring presences in order to automate the next weeks' schedule

  • Select a seat in the area preconfigured by the manager
    → facilitates the user experience and the office management

  • Ask to seat next to your colleagues
    → fluidify team work and projects

What Comeen brings on manager/company side:

  • Manage building occupancy and optimize it’s usage
    → maintain maximum building efficiency and security to avoid additional costs and risks

  • Fluidify internal relations
    → get the best of your employees by offering them a great experience on site and remotely

  • Easy to implement and to use
    → It takes approximately 2 hours to set up Comeen and a few minutes to deploy it on hundreds of people while the tool is user-friendly and intuitive

  • No employee training needed
    → immediate familiarity with the software means less time dedicated to its use and implementation

  • This tool is adaptable to any employee need (in-office, remote, flex worker)
    → every employee can manage their presences and their schedule can be handled by managers with Comeen

  • Customize presence rules and locations preferences
    → optimize building usage and employees schedule

  • Provision of statistics on attendance and building capacity
    → providing clear data exploitable by HR teams for several matters (insurance, remote equipments, etc)

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